Make Your Next Project A Complete Success! Call us at 201-317-8900

Make Your Next Project A
Complete Success
Call us at 201-317-8900 Plastics, Metal and Rubber Components, Turn Key Assembly
Electronic Assembly and Contract Manufacturing
Custom Mechanical Parts Electromechanical Assemblies We offer to the OEM Industry the highest quality products and
performance at very competitive prices. Our manufacturers will
gladly turnkey any project for you.


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  • Rapid Prototypes

  • Casting and Molding in “Soft Tools”

  • Injection Molding

  • Thermoforming

  • Rotational Molding

  • Dip Molding

  • Compression Molding

  • Structural Foam Molding

  • Plastic Extrusions

  • Mold Making (injection and vacuum form tools)

  • Contract Manufacturing

  • Precision CNC Machining & Tuning

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Metal Castings

  • Elastomeric Molding

  • Cable Assemblies and Wire Harness

  • Coil Winding/Toroids

  • PC Board Assembly



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Rapid Prototypes Via FDM The Objet30 Pro combines the accuracy and versatility of a high-end rapid prototyping machine with the small footprint of a desktop 3D printer. Powered by PolyJet technology, it offers seven different [...]

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